RX logoecursive teXt

by Steven Obua

Cite as http://recursivetext.com January 22, 2024

Recursive teXt (RX) is a new general-purpose text format.

It has a simple semantics:

RX    = Block+
Block = Line (Line | Block)*
Line  = Character*

In other words:

An RX document is saved as a plain text file, usually with the suffix .rx.

In plain text, the semantics of RX is encoded via indentation:

The above implies that the first line of a nested block is indented by 4 spaces relative to the first line of its parent block.

TypeScript code for reading and writing RX from and to plain text is available.

RX can be edited just as any other text via standard tools. But it is intended to be edited in a special editor that respects and exploits its semantics.